Top Tips: The Little Details

We’ve teamed up with some of those wonderful people who are ‘behind the scenes’ on your wedding day, to bring you a few top tips to help you with all those little details and finishing touches.

1. Hair

From the dress you wear and the theme of your wedding, to your ‘usual’ look and day-to-day habits, there’s an awful lot to think about when choosing how you want your hair on your big day. Hair and make up artist Katie Dear has given us some of her top tips.

The style of your dress has a lot to do with how you wear your hair, so a great tip is to play with your hair when you’re in the bridal shop to see what looks best. If you’ve gone for a Grecian dress or maybe even a 50’s style tea dress, you might like to consider hair styles to match. Take a few photos of your hair up and down to help you decide later as you may not see your dress again for a while!

Credit: Binky Nixon

Also think about what you usually go for. If you like to make a statement, make a statement, if you like to look natural, maybe go for a natural style. If you like to wear your hair in a particular way – up, down, to one side, with a fringe – you might feel less daunted by sticking to what you like. But if you think you may fiddle – up and out of the way may be best!

2. Skin Care

When the clock is ticking, brides can become neglectful towards their skin. Many of us experience break-outs when we’re stressed – not what you want on your wedding day! Katie Dear suggests keeping up your water intake giving yourself a weekly facemask or gentle scrubs to give your skin a hydrating boost.

Page & Picture Wedding Photography
Credit Sam Stephenson Page & Picture

She also suggests making sure you give yourself some time to relax. A lack of sleep won’t help your skin – so do try to switch off from all the planning.

But it’s not just you who needs to rest – it’s your face too. Katie says to strip your face bare as soon as you get in from work and let your skin breathe!

Credit: Jessica Raphael Photography

And don’t forget your suncream! Both before and on your wedding day – you don’t want your lasting memory of your big day to be burnt shoulders!

3. Themes

Our friends at Sweet As recommend getting your theme nailed down sooner rather than later. It doesn’t have to be big and bold, instead you can incorporate it in different places to help your guests remember it.

The invites are a great starting place to introduce your theme so choose the colours wisely. You can also choose bridesmaids dress or floral decoration to match your chosen colour or style.


The cake table is also a great place to incorporate your chosen theming by choosing a cake which matches your invites, flowers and bridal party. Whether it is the colour of the icing, a cake wrapped in ribbon, or even decorated with flowers, the cake is an easy and obvious place to bring in your theme. Sweet As have such a huge range of designs and ideas, you will easily find the perfect cake for your theme

4. Flowers

Florists Regency Flowers have some great tips on getting your flowers right on your big day.


Sticking to in-season flowers doesn’t just keep the costs down, but also makes the most of the flowers at their prime. If you have an idea of flowers or colours you really love, make a moodboard to show your florist and they’ll be able to suggest the best seasonal flowers.

Don’t be afraid to ask – your florist can help you get creative, and try designs and palettes to suit your wedding which you may never have thought of!


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